Dr Shabazz

The Shabazz Chess Tournament Omaha 2011
was held at
HouseOfLeeOmaha.com   [Old Market]
Sunday May 1st

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The names of the 4 winners and the photograph of the First Place winner was in the May 8th Sunday Omaha World Herald main section page 8.
 Sunday Omaha World Herald 8th May

Kevin McGee won 1st Place
Stacy Robinson won 2nd Place
Jason Curtis won 3rd Place
Jeff Rue won 4th Place

John Pappan
Dave Walker

House of Lee | Sam Jong Lee
Delices | Heidi Schlicht

 Kevin McGee 1st Place  Stacy Robinson 2nd Place  Jason Curtis 3rd Place  Jeff Rue 4th Place  Judge John Pappan  Judge Dave Walker  Sam Lee  Heidi Schlicht owner Delices  Mirror Chess Set and Timer  Final Match  rich

End of Final Match 52 Seconds
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