The Vera Chess Tournament Omaha 2020


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Greetings :

I run Chess Tournaments in downtown Omaha .

I paid Ahmed and Mohammad to make this video showing how to play Chess while ' Social Distancing '


I hope this will be good enough to hold the Vera Chess Tournament Omaha 2020 on June 27th .




The glass is at 50% capacity .
This is neither optimistic half full nor pessimistic half empty .
This is merely a factual description of the state of the liquid in the container .

EMAIL sent to Mayor & OPD & Response
Re: Vera Chess Tournament Omaha 2020 June 6th
From Ofcr Joseph Nickerson (OPD) joseph.nickerson@cityofomaha.org
To Ric Hudlin rich@rcto.us
Cc OPD Public Information Unit opdpublicinformation@cityofomaha.org
Date 2020-05-04 Mon 14:20

It will depend on what the guidelines are on June 6th. Currently people must maintain 6 feet of separation so seated together to play chess would be a violation.

Vera Chess Tournament Omaha 2020 June 6th
Date: 2020-05-01 Fri 7:18 PM
From: Ric Hudlin rich@rcto.us
To: webmaster@cityofomaha.org

I run Chess Tournaments in downtown Omaha .
I was checking to see if we will be within the limits set if we have a Chess Tournament with 8 Players .
We will hold this June 6th at the International Cafe :
I have already ordered gloves and masks .
Officer Dana Taylor used to play .

This Chess Tournament is dedicated to Vera Menchik
The 1st Lady Chess Champion

2020-08-17 Mon 12:34 ct